Want delicious chicken stock (mostly bones) or broth (more meat) without buying it at the store pre-made but also without using enough ingredients to make a gourmet meal to do so?

French Dinner

French Onion soup made with homemade stock is the best!


  1. Instead of buying fresh produce to make stock, freeze kitchen scraps from veggies (onion skins, garlic skins, extra herbs that I’ve over picked, produce that just started to go south that you don’t want to eat it fresh, chicken bones or other bones from meat like pork chops, steaks, fish).
  2. Throw them in a soup pot that’s actually probably intended for pasta¬†filled with water and boil then simmer for at least an hour, but overnight or longer if the urge tickles your fancy (richer flavor the longer you go, but my mom’s choice to go 2 days seems a little excessive to me).
  3. Strain out all the used and abused discard for compost or yard waste. ¬†(If you use a soup pot that’s likely actually intended for pasta, you can just lift the colander out, which leads to next to no mess and less spillage).
  4. Freeze or refrigerate your ample delicious stock until ready to eat.

Kitchen scraps make me a tasty snack! Frozen celery discards, onion skins, and leftover roasted chicken. Numnumnum.

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